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The Nations most electrifying and talented cueists

Blackball Premier Leagues (aka BPL) is an independent pool league consisting of the nation's most electrifying and talented cueists and is the highest form of pool in the country! Every detail of the BPL has been carefully thought out by some of the country's most influential individuals who proudly boast over 50 years of experience in all aspects of the game we love, most notably, the marketing and promotion of the most played sport in the world. Sparing nothing, we have ensured that the fans will be as involved in the league as the players where players will be followed by their admirers nationwide! The 2015/16 season introduces the BPL Super Supporters Comp (aka SSC) where each National Division BPL player's qualifying Super Supporter will accompany him to the 2016 K/O Championship!! Not to mention the massive pot prize waiting for him / her there!!! Who will be this seasons BPL SSC CHAMPION!!?? Follow us online and subscribe to our newsletter for exciting updates and weekly match reviews!

  • Premier division

    National League

  • First Division

    National League

  • Second Division

    National League

  • Super Leagues

    Provincial Leagues


"League of Champions"
Premier Division

This is the highest and most prestigious division in the BPL. It is every player’s ultimate goal to reach Premier level which features the top 10 ranked players in the country

First Division

This is the second highest division of the BPL. There are also 10 players that battle it out in this division for promotion to Premier division or relegation to second division

Second Division

This is the next level after conquering the Super Leagues. Being the entry level National league, the 10 players in this division combat their way up to the Premier Division from here.

Super Leagues

Any player of any age or gender can qualify to participate in these leagues s their first step to BPL fame! These are 9 provincial super-leagues of 10 players each.


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