Charl: Ace howzit it buddy…

Ace: Good and you my man, how do you do?

Charl: Eish my man I need you to do a thing for me

Ace: Anything man what’s up?

Charl: Bro you know Sandile messed up right, I now find myself in a precarious position man.

Ace: Lol Ja hey Sandile is something else.

Charl: Ey bro tell me about it, anyway there is very little that I can do to stop Kyle now, the league is practically his to lose, we are joint number one and he has a game to spare, I believe it is the game against you that is outstanding.

Ace: (Coughs) Lol eina

Charl: You know I will be 100% behind you on Sunday my man please don’t disappoint, can you just make sure that the Viper does not get a single point?

Ace: Ey man I will give it my best shot bro that laity is in terrific form at the moment. I need the points myself too.

Charl: Thanks in advance bro…

Charl is in trouble and Sandile quitting saw the Assassin’s hopes of winning the league outright take a noise-dive. There is very little that Charl can do in the two games left for him to play, it is now up to the other athletes to do something if anything at all to stop Kyle. In essence it is now up to Kyle to win or lose the league. Ace will be a very busy man in the next few weeks, his first assignment will be in KZN this very weekend to take on the prince of Pietermaritzburg on Saturday and the ever improving, man of the moment Kyle Akaloo. Yulan will want to prove to Ace that he is still the main man and there still is some hope that Hawkeye might still retain his trophy. Charl will be waiting at the Cape Town international airport with a bottle of Ice cold Champaign for Yazeed Salie if the non-smiling Protea teammate denies Kyle any points on Sunday. This will be a very tall order for Ace, Yulan is evergreen and Kyle is on the rise and very unpredictable, if anything, this weekend will determine who takes the crown, will it be Kyle, or will it be Charl. Over to you Mr. Salie. If Kyle loses the match but wins at least a set then he will already have one hand on that trophy for the time being but of course there will be two other matches remaining for both the Viper and the Assassin.

In the First Division, Thami and Nicky will be hosting the coastal duo of Deon and Leenash and Keegan and Azim will be entertaining the ‘Hotshots’ Sylvester and Lenny this weekend. Talk about a top versus bottom battle and this is exactly that. Deon, Azim, Keegan and Nicky all have a chance to snatch the title at the eleventh hour whereas Thami, Lenny and Sly just want to survive. In the case of Jabavu the battle is far from over but neither is it lost, with 5 games remaining, he can still turn a corner and perhaps fight for 8th place which would then qualify him for relegation playoffs in about 96 days’ time at the Arnold Classic. Dejavous and TimeOut Sports Bar will be the venues where all the First Division action will be. The weekend’s results should be very interesting indeed with everybody still hungover from the recent national event where the Western Cape practically manhandled everyone. I don’t suppose that that form will spill over to the BPL where Ace and Deon will be in action.

There will also be some full house action in the Second Division with moist of the games happening in Port Elizabeth. Juandre, Donovan and Pieter Rademeyer will all be in action against Riaesh, Kevin. In fact Kevin will do well to have a good night’s rest on Friday because he will have a very busy Saturday to say the least, Pieter will have a Piece of him first at 12 noon and Donovan will have whatever will be left of the fighter from the Free State at 3pm on the same Saturday, both these matches will take place at Stables Billiards Center in PE, and Juandre will see Shushu off on Sunday at 1pm at Pool City. If Riaesh wins both his matches against Juandre and Donnie then he will for the first time in the league find himself out of the red zone and above Zaid Kara. Zaid will be hosting Nelson ‘Da President’ also at the Dejavous on Sunday and Nelson’s mood in his match against Zaid will be highly determined by the outcome of his match against title contender Mabuti Mbotyeni on Saturday in Mpumalanga.

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