8 Men 1 Car Lots of Nerve

We are nearing the business end of the Gateway CESL car competition, only 8 men remain and if you are not nervous you are not ready, whoever can control their nerves now will most likely be driving home in brand new wheels, the BAIC D20 beckons.

Jason Theron is playing very well, in fact he has been outstanding in this tournament, he broke and ran out in the last 32 against Castello, giving the spectators what they came for, and that was in fact the quickest clearance thus far in the tournament. Theron’s strongest point has always been his pin-point accuracy and with international experience in the Chinese 8Ball game, it is going to take some stopping him. Just as a friendly reminder, I would like to mention that Aden joseph is still in the mix but he will have to first get past seasoned Mervin Donnely if he is to keep the fairy-tale alive. Jason has to manoeuvre past Adeel Umair and the two stalwarts will lock horns in the Semis if my predictions come to culmination.

Pool can be very unkind, Jeremy Naidoo was time fouled on the blackball which was the only ball left on the table and with ball in hand, his opponent was not going to falter.

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