If you wish for peace prepare for war, and war is what Vishen will get in Bloemfontein on Sunday. Playing against a wounded lion is the last thing any player wants to deal with seeing that the fight is never an ordinary one. His heart might be in his boots at this moment but hope should be the last thing that Aden loses, doth fight with all he got, doth victory he might taste. Another week another opportunity for the Sheriff to take a swipe at Aden, is he going to give a speech about the Wonderkid, is he going to dedicate a song for the triple Champion? Ok relax, there won’t be a speech nor a lecture, no songs but just a few facts about how this is going to go down. Aden has played seven and won only once, well you all know this already, he beat Hawkeye and Vishen will be wary of this fact, ok enough about that. He is 18, and this adds pressure on Vishen yeah-yeah, the Dish annihilated Sbu Gumede, now this will get Aden flinching. Vish also beat Paul yes but so did Aden. Brace yourselves South Africa this will be one of the most exciting new-school matches yet and the odds will be even. The match will be in Bloemfontein at Louw’s Billiard Room (Aden’s backyard and slaughter house) on Sunday the 6th of September at 13H00, and it should be quite a spectacle with Aden fighting tooth and nail in a bid to finish the first round of matches with at least double figures on the scoreboard. The problem with losing as many matches as Aden has is that at times one tends to be immune to pain and maybe the Wonderkid has become numb and has forgotten where the sun sets and rises. Vishen Jagdev is playing some very good pool at the moment and winning against Aden will go a long way in sharpening his mettle and stroking his zest to stay in contention but being over-confident playing against one of the best potters in the land might work against him, he will do well to tread carefully.

We will not have any matches in the First Division and all attention will be given to the Second Division which will present to us a top versus bottom affair when 9th placed Kevin Seseane will be hosting 2nd placed hard hitting 63 year old Pieter ‘Die Hard’ Rademeyer who is on a mission to reconfigure our perceptions about age and to confirm that good quality certainly gets better with age and being a rare breed that he is, Kevin will not see the light of day. This match will be the only one on Saturday in the National travelling leagues and it will also be at Louw’s Billiard Room at 13H00. Zaid Kara will make his way to Mpumalanga to go head to head with Mabuti who is tipped by many to win the league without breaking a sweat. Zaid needs the win to guarantee himself immunity from relegation but Mabuti also needs it to send a clear enough message to the rest of the competitors that he is in it to win it but then again so is everyone else. Do not forget the Ball in One Super Supporter Competition which affords you a chance to be at the Arnold Classic next year in Johannesburg to meet the man himself and take part in the fun games as well.