Who can forget what happened last summer when Paul and Sandile went head to head in the BPL, in fact every time these two stalwarts meet, it’s never pretty. On one of the occasions at Ballbreakers Cresta, the meeting between them yielded an unprecedented 8 apples. Like a nude statue, Sandile is not shy at all and he always lays bare all his feelings and emotions and it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if he once again throws his toys out through the window, remember last time he was in Cape Town, there was an unsigned scorecard…? The assignment that Sandile and Nsovo have is a difficult one, ala a Greek puzzle but one can count on these two to bring the mother city to its knees. Legacy and Shilolo will have to be at their best if they are to survive the wrath of Paul and the Ice cold Ace this coming weekend. If I were them, I’d be more worried about Ace than I would of Paul because he seems to be the ghost lurking in the shadows and he has had a good campaign so far this season. Paul and Ace have only lost two matches each whilst Sandile has only won 3/7 and Nsovo has 2/7 wins under his belt, technically speaking the Cappies have the upper hand but fortune favours the brave and he that dares to fight and wants it more on the day might emerge the victor.


On Saturday Paul will entertain Legacy at Nicks Pool and Snooker whilst Ace takes care of Shilolo at the Penthouse, both matches will commence at 15:00, the Sunday edition will also takes place at the same time and the guys will have to swap opponents. Will Nsovo break out of his shell and earn valuable points in the Cape or will he sink deeper into the relegation zone? Will Sandile be at his best and make it look easy? I think he has all the hardware and it is just the software that perhaps needs an upgrade. If Legacy is in Rolls Royce condition, no question about it, the matches will be very quick and Facebook will be abuzz by the end of the weekend. Regardless of the result, you can count on Madlala to engage with the fans, what a lively character he is.

First Division

Mathematically speaking, Keegan Pillay is the only athlete that can dethrone Nicky Erasmus off pole position going into the season break. With 38 points to his name, Pillay is 12 points shy of the number one spot and he has the opportunity to match this or surpass Erasmus this weekend when he travels to Cape Town to take on Rushin ‘The Hammer’ Bowers and Keeyam ‘Yummy’ Schoeman. Between Keegan and Rushin, whoever wins will earn crucial bragging rights and this will also place them in a good position going into the second round. Azim and Yummy desperately need at least a win each to try and avoid the Axe at the halfway mark. Rushin will on Saturday host the Magician with all his trickery whilst Yummy will have a tall order in trying to contain on-form Keegza. The matches will start at 15h00 as well. Like fellow Timeout Pool Player Nicky Erasmus, Keegan is playing some very good pool and making a good name for himself and for Timeout Pool Club.

Second Division


In the second Division Nelson Stokwe will have to pull up his socks and prove that he is indeed ‘Da President’ when he locks horns with Kevin Seseane in the local Derby. Both of them are struggling to get out of the starting blocks, Nelson has 2/7 wins, Shushu has 1/5 and relegation seems imminent for them ceteris paribus. Da President needs to summon all his super powers and perhaps reshuffle the cabinet a bit or fire his technical advisors because this weekend’s match is a must win if he is to end the season’s half with a fighting chance. Zander will also join the party on Sunday to establish who’s who in the Freestate as far as the second division is concerned and a win against Kevin might go a long way in improving 18 Year old Zander’s position in the pecking order. Log on to for results and more information on the leagues and do not forget the Super Supporter Competition which might earn you a place to rub shoulders with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Arnold Classic next year!!


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