Hawk, Viper, Predator, Assassin, Hammer, Dangerous Gums, Sniper, all very dangerous names indeed but only one will be crowned King of the Land and perhaps the last man standing when the iconic BPL cueists converge at the prestigious Arnold Classic in Sandton Johannesburg on the 27th to the 29th of May 2016. At this event the athletes will not only get to meet the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger but they will also rub shoulders with other mega-stars from other sporting codes from across the globe, call it Olympics in Sandton if you may but in any case Blackball Pool is honored to make an appearance at the event and boy will we make our presence felt.

One thing about Champions in pool is that they always give it their best shot ala the movie The Grey: Once more into the fray into the last good fight I’ll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day. Now looking at the draw you can already feel quakes down your spine and I am already biting my nails as I am writing this. There will be nowhere to run and players will have to stand up and be counted.

Kyle has a serious problem in his hands in his very first match against the latest sensation Senzo Gumede. This guy has nerves of steel and he exhibits a lot of intelligence in his game and it will by no means a fluke if he goes past the Viper. The top half looks very interesting and most of the matches are potential masterpieces and you really do not want to miss out on those. It stands to be seen if Charl will finally reveal to everyone what exactly is inside a Rattle-Snake’s rattle. A lot of people still do not understand how he manages to stay consistently on top, many feel that there is no flair in his game and that he doesn’t play for the crowd but maybe the crowds need to learn a thing or two about the game of pool. Playing fancy doesn’t always add up to silverware and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, he that masters simplicity is already halfway home. Keeping it simple is hardest thing to do for most players and Charl has a Masters degree in Simplicity. He makes it look simple to the laymen.

In the top 16 you have Charl, Aden, Nsovo, Yulan, Deon, Mabuti and Paul and anyone of these athletes can go on to win the event. The clash between Aden and Nsovo in the second round will be a very interesting one, there is tremendous respect between these two youngsters but Nsovo has more wins thus far and perhaps that will work against Aden psychologically but then again this is the triple champ we are talking about, he can still make them run but there is a big difference between size 28 and 32 pants. Whoever wins there will potentially meet Charl in the last 8 and that will be the true litmus test for the boys, and the Champ will be hoping that these boys don’t pull a Keenan on him. In that last 8 we could possibly also have Paul Bennett versus Yulan Govender and that in itself would have been a worthy final. He that wins there could book himself a date against Charl in the semifinal well that’s if the Assassin makes it past either Nsovo or Aden. Between Hawk and Charl, the nation will be divided but I can tell you now that the winner of that match will be the favourite to be crowned ultimate winner and the last man standing. Charl is on a hat-trick and Hawkeye is chasing his first knockout silverware and this could be the best 40th birthday present a man could ever get himself.

In the bottom half we have Kyle, Ace, Sbu, Keegan, Vishen, Nico, Keenan, Azim, Allister and Senzo. I have never seen a draw filled with so many dark horses, maybe we can just call it a dark horse half. What are the possibilities that a dark horse will reign supreme on the 29th of May? Does anybody out there have faith in Senzo, do you think it is time for Sbu to shine? Will Kyle show everyone that he is not a pretender, will Azim show us some magic? This is our own version of the FA cup and there will be upsets as usual but maybe the winner will be from the bottom half maybe, maybe not.


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