The 2016 BPL Final Showdown Champion – Yazeed “Ace” Salie

Congratulations to Ace for holding his own and being crowned the eventual winner of the 2016 BPL knockout cup at the Arnold Classic. Yulan didn’t come to the party at all in the final, he made many uncharacteristic mistakes and allowed Ace to shine and shine he did. I don’t know what it is about the Western Cape but these guys seem to have developed a habit of winning everything. Patrick from the Western Cape also won the 1-ball SSC and the precious Arnold Schwarzenegger signed champions table.

It has been a good few day here at the Arnold Classic in Sandton Johannesburg, Arnold Schwarzenegger himself was present to give his blessings. Yazeed Salie looked very solid and unshaken in the first set and he took it 4-1 and of course everyone was expecting Yulan to come back in the second set even when the score was 3-0 in Ace’s favor. If Yulan did actually come back then that would have been an awkward Deja Vous moment reminiscent of his semifinal match against Charl. Man of the moment Yazeed as usual had very little to say except a smile and a wink to the Sheriff, he then whispered “I deserved it, it was about time” I don’t know if they rehearsed this but those words are exactly what Yacoob Shaik also from the Western Cape said after winning the SA singles title.

Once again I repeat that every BPL athlete is a winner and all it takes sometimes is time and this time around Ace was the nominated one and it wouldn’t have mattered who the opponent was, no one can fight fate. The BPL has been a very good journey, champions were born and nurtured and it has been once again a great tournament.

Log on to to check the footage in the archive. I still would like to know which part of the pig bacon comes from and how much ice it takes to make ice cream.


BPL Draw

BPL Draw