What goes up must come down but what’s down stays down I suppose and if you play for a lower tier then you cannot win against a higher division player… well that’s according to our version of the FA cup except for Kevin ‘Shushu’ Seseane who went against the grain an pulled off a mountain sized upset. No player from a lower league has thus far won against the higher league athletes, try they have yes and fearsomely so in some instances but the omen was bad.

Ace dismembered Allister 2-0 in what looked like a one horse race, 4-1 in both sets was a fair reflection. Fortuin didn’t come to the party at all and he must be kicking himself in melancholy. Nicky Erasmus must be attending the same Sangoma as Deon Daniels as both their opponents didn’t show up and they won by default. Yummy has been AWOL for a while now we almost forgot about him in fact and now Yazeed and Erasmus will meet each other in the last 16.
Azim got the better of Juandre and Sbu won against Zaid and this simply means Deja Vous Mondeor will still be represented in the last 8 at least regardless of what happens between Sbu and Azim tomorrow. Keegan had to dig very deep to pip a resilient Keenan at the very last frame in the last set. It was tense, it was tactical but Keenan made schoolboy mistakes in moments where he should have stepped up and done better. Surprise surprise, Kevin Seseane defied the odds and dished out a very cold ‘Dish’. Vishen was the first ‘big boy’ to bite the dust. It was as stressful for Amy and the baby to watch daddy crumble as it was to the rest of the Vishen camp.
The new kid on the bock Thami Jabavu didn’t disappoint either, he came back from 3-0 down in the first set to win the set 4-3. Leenash must be feeling hard done courtesy of all those missed opportunities, its one thing to lose 4-3 but if it happens in both sets then you just have to curse the clouds and drown your sorrow with a few cold ones. Kyle also booked his spot in the last 16 at the expense of Mpumalanga based Senzo Gumede. Thami has his hands full to the brim tomorrow against a supercharged Kyle Akaloo.


BPL Draw Last 16