Cape Town is not a good place to be this weekend and more so if your name is Paul Bennett or Yazeed Salie and Deon Daniels, you Are under siege and the enemy is lurking in the shadows and there is only one solution to this predicament; fight to the death! A thunderous Keegan Pillay, a windy Charl and a lightning fast Aden will be landing on Saturday morning to take care of business. Aden is on a roll and Charl seems to be his dominant self once again and this spells trouble for Paul and Ace, and they have every reason to be worried, be very worried gentlemen. In the first round both Paul and Ace won their matches against Charl in his backyard and he will be looking to return the favour. Yazeed managed to also beat Aden but Paul is yet to register a win against the SA Mens Champion.

Saturday’s matches will be at 3pm and with the Wonderkid finally out of the red zone, it would be interesting to see if he can now focus on a top 3 finish and yes in the BPL anything is possible. Ok before we get carried away, let us not forget who we are talking about here. Paul Bennett and Ace are no pushovers, they are the real deal and they have been the stalwarts in the Cape for as long as I can remember and dealing with pressure is their strongpoint. Paul has to restore order and put Aden in his rightful place, I will not dwell on how the Wonderkid outmuscled Paul out of a major title and I refuse to discuss the fact that the Gentleman lost in Bloemfontein in September, no I will not do that. In fact I want to say that Paul and Ace will do the cape proud and they will kick the visitors in the teeth. Catch Ace versus Aden at the Penthouse at 3pm on Saturday and Paul will be taking on the former Ultimate player at Nicks also at 3pm. Now this will be war and there is a lot at stake, Paul needs to step it up and take back the future, he has been faltering at the last hurdle for far too long now but Charl Jonck is not a happy man as well, Paul and Ace have to pay for what they did a few moons back. This weekend will be a good benchmark to measure if Aden is really out of the woods and if Charl has found his long lost mojo. If you are in Cape Town please make your way to the venues and you will not be disappointed.

Keegan Pillay and Azim will also be in Cape Town and PE to take on 8th and 9th placed Deon and Leenash. Talking about Leenash, I think he should have been a member of the Interact Club or the Toast Masters, those would have been handy in helping him master the art of self-expression. Pool is about expressing one’s inner self on the 6ft table and Mr Padayachee is a very good player who just isn’t expressing himself too well. He needs to stop hiding that tail and unleash the beast. He definitely isn’t relegation material neither is Deon. Keegan has had a phenomenal run and by the end of the weekend, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he becomes number one on the log. He is one of the few success stories from Gauteng in the league and it would be a big leap if he and Nicky Erasmus get promoted into the Premier league. On Saturday Leenash will host Keegza whilst Azim will rub shoulders with Dangerous Gumz. Azim is 6th on the log and he has shown a lot of zest in the league but he seems to keep winning one and losing the other and at this pace he will not be a title contender but he won’t be fighting relegation but perhaps the strategy this season was establishing himself. I can’t wait for the next season, I have a feeling Azim will be the main man and a hot favourite.

Zaid and Mabuti will be having a one-on-one session mostly discussing the annihilation that was handed them by the bulldozers from Port Elizabeth, immediately after dressing their wounds they will unfortunately have to fight each other for the spoils. Mabuti is one point clear at the top with Donovan and Juandre closing in on him. Newcomers Pieter Rademeyer and Keenan Adams will be in the Free State to take on relegation bound Nelson and Zander. The wheels came off the wagon very early in the season for Nelson and Zander and it has been a very steep climb for them. They have each won 3 and 2 matches respectively and that just spells disaster. Nelson will for the first time in the BPL be playing from the Parliament; a new venue established by Da President himself. Join in the fun by taking part in the Super Supporters Competition.


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