Chinese Eight-Ball Super League will be crowning one super player with a brand new BAIC D20 in a few hours, and all they have to do is play one frame do or die. Winning only 6 frames, yes 6 frames in a 64 draw will change somebody’s life forever in a few hours from now. The stage is all set and I must say it looks all good and conducive. Come through to the Arnold Classic Africa in Sandton and bear witness to this awesome event.

Amongst those who have qualified is the legendary Wayne ‘The Trickster’ Parker, Sbu ‘Chilies’ Gumede, Nsovo Mathonsi, Aden Joseph, Moses David, Kyle Akaloo, Thamsanqa Jabavu, Ishmael Mthethwa, Jeremiah Naidoo, David Anderson and Jason Theron to mention just a few, but one frame is a different ball game altogether, I mean it depends on the break and lady luck amongst many other things. Talking about ladies, Nicola Rossouw, Apsra Panchoo and Lenyuktha Chetty will be swimming with the Sharks as well and be warned guys these are not ordinary women, these are champions, go ahead and undermine them at your own peril. 

Nicola lost only to Ishmael in the previous car comp and she might go one further this time around, Imagine if Ishmael does it again, will it be someone from Gauteng again, will it be KZN driving away in style? I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for this massive event. Next year I will be the first to register rand hopefully qualify.

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