Once again it is amazing to see how dominant the coastal players have been in the BPL and I am seriously starting to think that it has something to do with sea-water and perhaps the breeze. I think I need to order 20L of sea-water, soak myself in it and hopefully immediately thereafter I will be a better player the problem would be the breeze, I am not sure how I would order fresh sea-breeze… any ideas out there guys? Looking at the draw over a month ago, the Charl versus Yulan was the one match that everyone was hoping would happen, well I guess wishes do come true after all. Nsovo couldn’t do much to contain the Assassin and Rushin was no match for all of Hawkeye’s experience. Now this match will definitely be a final before the final and whoever wins there has all the potential to go all the way and be crowned champion, and Charl has more wins over Yulan as far as statistics go but we are talking about the here and now. The Assassin has basically personalized the singles knockout cup and Hawkeye has always been a very strong contender and perhaps the closest pound-for-pound befitting opponent to stand a chance at winding up Charl.

It took seven attempts for Ace to finally get the better of Sbu and it was when it mattered most. In their previous 6 meetings Ace always came second and this could have been the mirage that swayed Sbu off-course. Kyle came back from a set down to win his match against Keegan and as such book himself a date with Yazeed in the semis.

It is very interesting to see that 4 of the top 5 seeds in the Premier league are the ones left in the semis. This is testament to the saying that numbers don’t lie, in a pool of 30 odd players you still get the top seeds finding their way to the top and that just shows how accurate the BPL system is. The most exciting will be a match between Kyle and Charl in the final, imaging how thirst quenching it would be to see the number one and the number two seed taking each other on in the final?


BPL Draw