How does one come back from 0-4 down to win the next match 4-0? Well I will tell you how exactly; it takes solid mental dexterity to forget about the lost that has already happened, recuperate, ricochet off the ground and press the reset button. Nicholas Owen did just that, he got slapped in the face by Allister in the first round but he then walked on without any shame whatsoever and bulldozed over Rishal Ramchander in the second round. The Nicholas of the second round was a completely different one I must say, he had a lot of energy around the table and he displayed a positive attitude.

Allister does it again albeit he had to break a sweat against a tough cookie in Nizaam. There seems to be a trend brewing up as far as Nizaam is concerned, in the final of the opening comp he lost 4-1, he then lost 4-2 in the first round of the round robin matches this morning and now in the second round he came second again but this time around he lost 4-3. Can anyone guess what his next score will be? I have a feeling he will get to 4 in the next round.

Harry seems to have made up his mind that he is satisfied with a 4-2 score-line, the victim this time around was half-woman-half-machine Nicola Rossouw. The boys seem to be overpowering her today, but I know she will bounce back. Senzo has his lucky stars to thank after a close call against Uncle Baz in the second round. Munsamy was unlucky to drop the white when he was leading 3-2 and as expected Gumede capitalized to make it 3-3. Basil did get a chance to make amends in the deciding frame but it wasn’t meant to be and that was enough to see Senzo escape by the skin of his teeth.


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