Down to 4

Only 4 men remain now and yes you guessed right, Aden Joseph is still in the thick of things, only this time he gets to play his international travel partner in Jason Theron, now if I had my way, this would be the final that decides who gets to drive the new car. Nonetheless whoever wins this be will be a good candidate to win the BAIC D20 and the loser will have to play-off for the smart phone. In the other semi-final Raymond Tillak and Thaisan Govindsamy will battle it out for the life-changing moment.

If anything all the athletes in the last 4 have outdone themselves and whatever happens now is just the luck of the stars and of course only one of these superb marksmen will be the winner. Courtesy of Joy Billiards South Africa, BAIC Motors Southern Africa, there will be more suchlike tournaments to come, the next one will be in Cape Town in October and thereafter in December we will be in Secunda Mpumalanga.