A positive milieu is the difference between under-par performance and top drawer shows by the athletes and you the fans are responsible for creating that vibe. These players need you to rally them on and give them that little nudge in the right direction. As we march towards the finish line, you don’t want to miss out on these remaining matches, after all it matters not how one starts but how they finish.

Team Sbu and The Dish has yielded very little to write home about in this campaign…they have 8 wins combined and a total of 65 points which is not so enterprising, Charl alone has 9 wins and 65 points thus far and Aden has done very well to find himself only a point below Sbu. The SA Mens Champion had the second worst start into the league; Kyle Akaloo still holds that sordid record. Now more than ever they need to up their games as they will be hosting the ruthless pair of Aden and Charl over the weekend. Maybe Sbu and Vishen need to call Cape Town and find out what it takes to assassinate an Assassin and set a trap for the Predator. Let us not forget the prospect of getting relegated, it will be sad to lose any of the guys to relegation but it is one of those unfortunate events that are inevitable. Vishen must be sick and tired of being sick and tired, clearly something ought to give and perhaps he brought back with him some royal aura after rubbing shoulders with Lesotho’s King last weekend in the All Africa event. Three seasons into the BPL the Dish has struggled to really crack it, he has only managed to keep his head above water and the same can be said about Gumede, they have almost always done enough to avoid or escape relegation but the beauty of the BPL is that every match can be a historic turning point and that tonic that many a player need to miraculously find their way out of the cocoon and fly away.

Dejavous Mondeor will come alive on today when Chillies takes on Charl whose title hopes are under serious threat from a certain Gentleman. At the moment Sbu is the highest ranked GP athlete and it really looks very bad for the entire province, season after season the place of gold seems to be struggling, whatever happened to Sandile Madlala? Recently crowned African Champion Wetsi Morake must be wondering what his provincial teammates are lacking to make it big in this lucrative league. Vishen will be hosting Aden at Timeout today at 3pm as well and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top in that one, and the result might change the face of the relegation battle. Make your way to these venues and be treated to Rolls Royce cueing action by some of the country’s best.

There won’t be any First Division action this weekend but the Second Division fixtures will be more than what you can handle. The Big Guy will have his work cut out for him when he takes on notorious high flying, hard hitting, quick and accurate Keenan 007 Adams and Pieter ‘Die Hard’ Rademeyer. The elusive youngster will seek to use Donnie to make a statement to all and sundry that he deserves to be in the national league and he can stand his ground. Donovan on the other hand needs maximum points this weekend if he is to peel away from Mabuti who has also been hot on his heels. Pieter started very well but seems to have slept into the horizon and one needs binoculars to locate him, it has been a while since he made waves in the league and perhaps this weekend will be that game changer. Rademeyer is not your average 60 something year old player, his game is definitely way younger than his birth certificate and players know not to undermine him, condolences to those who did, they did so at their own peril. Juandre needs both wins this weekend to make up for the booboo that took place in the Free State, and with Keenan sniffing around, the Monster’s hopes of a comfortable top 3 finish are under serious threat, and the 18 year old is not going to PE for a holiday, Juandre and Donnie better be prepared for James Bond heroics and meticulous clearances… don’t say I didn’t warn you boys.


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