February 10, 2018

Join Chinese 8-Ball

Welcome to the revolution of Cue Sport, welcome to your future, welcome to CHINESE 8-BALL

This is your chance to participate in one of the most prestigious and elite Cue Sport concepts of all time and it is knocking at the door right here in South Africa!! With major prizes such as cars, fully paid trips to China, big screen TV’s, smart phones, massive cash prizes and much more at your fingertips, what are you waiting for?!

LEASE TO RACE is your ticket to the future, your ticket to self-improvement and huge possibilities! Take the leap, get your name in those draws and change your life forever doing what you love!

History of Chinese 8-Ball in South Africa:

From research done by Joy Billiards in South Africa, they found that pool is the most popular indoor sport with the number of pool tables per capita being the largest 1:125, compared with other pool-famous countries, such as China (1:1200), U.S.A (1:2100) and U.K. (1:3500). With their passion for Chinese 8-Ball, they felt it imperative to introduce their sport to the cueists of South Africa. They believe with the exposure that Chinese 8-Ball can give Cue Sport, it will promote Cue Sport in general to the heights it well deserves in our country.

In April 2016, JOY Billiards in association with Halliday Promotions launched the Chinese 8-ball Masters Series in South Africa, from which winners qualified to senior qualifiers and the grand finale held in China, for a prize fund of over Two-Million-Rand!

Up until April 2017, a total of 62 qualifying events and 5 pro qualifiers had been hosted all over the country. Over 14 famous players like Richard Halliday, Vincent Halliday, Velly Diamond, Sbu Gumede, Wetsi Morake and Jason Theron stood out and attended events held in China fully paid for.

Over the past year of hosting tournaments around South Africa, Joy Billiards found the players affection to Chinese 8-ball sticking and the socioeconomic values of Cue Sport in South Africa became evident. Therefore, they partnered with ICEA (International Chinese 8-ball Association), WPA (World Pool-Billiard Association), players such as Stephen Hendry and with the incomparable knowledge of Ishaun Singh on Cue Sport, JOY designed a Chinese 8-Ball development project to cover a larger scale of players in South Africa – Chinese 8-ball Lease to Race – a core tournament system with the aim to further extended to major countries in Africa, so as to extend the social and economic benefit to the entire continent!

The South African Lease to Race concept:

Lease to race consists of national tournament around the country with massive life changing prizes! A first in South Africa!!
It is based on participating clubs leasing a Q5 Chinese 8-Ball table for R 2000 per month per table. For each table that a club has, they get one spot in to each major national Chinese 8-Ball tournament. Clubs generate their funds for the table by charging no less that R 50 per hour table time and by hosting qualifying tournaments for their spot that they get per table. Clubs are free to decide the format, entry fee end entry limit for their qualifying tournaments.

Players that qualify from their participating club then earn their spot in to the tournaments which will be hosted around the country in clubs, casinos or malls. Players are responsible for their own costs to these tournaments and may be required to wear their clubs logo / outfit at their qualifying clubs’ discretion.

The Chinese 8-Ball Lease to Race to one frame knock out concept that caters for all players, young and old, male or female! With a well-planned handicap system in place, all players participate on equal ground and anyone can win!! Irrespective of your experience, you can enter and you can win!!

Contact your local club, get your table as soon as possible and be part of the future! Secure your spot today!!

Email: info@billiardsleagues.co.za for more information…