We had one of those rare weekends where everything was a bit laid back in the National leagues, all the action was at The Glen Mall in Johannesburg. The BPL team had a crazy weekend marketing the game and interacting with the crowds and lovers of the game. Special thanks to everyone that aided to the success of the event for the outstanding work keeping the crowd on its toes and taking the game to a whole new level, literally to the public.

Vishen couldn’t make it to the Free State due to car trouble, it was very unfortunate that the match had to be postponed, and I can imagine the tension and the anxiety that Aden had to withhold. All the preparation and gearing will have to be on standby for a while. At least it won’t go to waste, there is no such thing as wasted preparation. Perhaps Vishen was just going to destroy the boy, maybe Aden would have used this match to find his mojo, either way it would have been a very interesting match but, hold your breath, the BPL will surely bring you this match soon if not later, and it may have been delayed but definitely not denied. I hope that Vishen finds his missing car keys and the match happens soon.

Kevin Seseane succumbed 4-3 and 4-2 to Oom Pieter ‘Die Hard’ Rademeyer, if you have had the privilege to see this old man play then you would understand that ‘Shushu’ could do very little to put out the fire. It certainly would have been a race where the other horse is supercharged and the other one struggles to see the path amidst all the dust created by the one in front. Well Pieter is no ordinary old man, he is built for the kill and he has the ammunition to upset all these young athletes, to beat him one has to dig very deep and Kevin came too short. I guess it can’t be easy playing against someone that struggles to miss. Did you know that Pieter Rademeyer’s house is a stone’s throw from the beach at Jeffrey’s Bay, yes the same beach where that tame shark made headlines for sparring the surfer’s life two months ago. If there is any truth about the Sea Breeze being a good tranquilizer and a source of good refreshment, then Rademeyer has an unfair advantage over his competition because he is the most tranquil and the most refreshed. It is a pity that he didn’t bring any sea water to Kevin for some luck.

Zaid went to Mpumalanga to face Mabuti knowing very well that it was always going to be a mammoth task and of course he also wasn’t expecting a freebie. Mabuti has been enjoying himself in this first round and nobody had beaten him at home until Zaid paid him a little visit. Not so long ago Yacoob lost 4-0, 4-0 to the number one seed but Zaid wasn’t fazed by any of that, in fact Zaid is one of those guys that are not easily shaken, and if he can work on being consistent then we might have a few upsets on the cards. Zaid took the first set 4-1 only for Mabuti to come back hitting hard and taking the second one 4-0 and that should have been enough to uproot any other player. It took nerves of steel for Zaid Kara to take the game to Mabuti and shock the host 4-0 also in the 5 apple thriller. Well done Zaid, you have earned yourself the Sheriff’s Toast of the week. We were starting to think that Mabuti was invincible until you reassured everybody that he is only human and you can dance with the wolves.      

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