Kyle ‘The Viper’ Akaloo is an extraordinary athlete, if you judge people based on the physical stature then you will get this one horribly wrong. This pint-sized ever smiling guy looks harmless but I have to warn you than he is anything but. They may have been referring to him when they said that dynamite comes in Kyle-sized packages. A gallant Yazeed Salie can bear testament to this after his long awaited trip to the East Coast finally materialized. Ace was in the running for top honors when he set out to play Yulan and Akaloo. Had he won both his matches then he would have been number one on the log with 80 points with two games remaining but it all seems like a dream from a very distant past right now after the ill-fated weekend. The Viper must have used lethal doses of venom against a dazed Ace but maybe the damage had long been done by the high flying golden Hawk on Premier LogSaturday at Swerve. Yulan blew Yazeed to smithereens 2-0 in sets and Kyle followed suit 4-2, 4-3. Charl was following this particular match very closely and it may have potentially decided his fate indirectly. Kyle has made a very serious point and if there were any doubters out there then I think he may have just silenced them with his recent form. He has transformed from that bemused teenager into a very mature marksmen with legendary potential. He now finds himself on the brink of a fairytale comeback and it doesn’t seem like anyone has what it takes to stop him, not at the pace that things have shaped up. Ace was Charl’s hope but now the Assassin will have to do the dirty work himself in a not so distant Saturday and the pressure pot has popped its lid as the mercury keeps rising.

Azim Hoosen is another athlete with an amazing story to tell, he has the least number of wins relative to the other contenders but he finds himself at second position. The BPL scoring system awards every effort that an individual puts in and nothing goes unnoticed. Every set won is merited and Azim in particular is reaping the rewards of his great efforts in the league. Azim has always won at least a set even when he lost his matches and this means that for every two matches that he lost he got enough points equivalent to winning one of those matches and this is the reason why he finds himself sitting pretty at position two on the log having won only 8 of 15 matches but 3 less than Keegan Pillay yet on two points amiss. The Magician lost the first frame against Lenny but came back strongly to secure the match by winning the next two sets 4-2 and 4-1 respectively. His best was on Sunday against Sylvester Henry, the Hotshot didn’t play in the first two frames as Azim made back to back apples. Sly had to fight back but his efforts amount to dew drops as Azim sealed that first set 4-3. The Magician upped his game and sent Sly packing with a 4-0 score in the second set, the last frame being an apple and in the process bringing his apples tally to 4 in one weekend. For his sterling performance Azim earns the Sheriff’ Toast of the week. As the season draws to a close, it will be interesting to see how the curtain goes down but it will be an amazing if someone with about 50% wins goes on and takes the crown. Keegan also won both his matches 2-0 against Sylvester and Lenny respectively to reclaim his number one spot on the log and send the KZN boys packing and licking each other’s wounds.

Thami and his tag team partner Nicky were hosting Deon and Leenash at Dejavous and Timeout Sports Bar and the spoils were shared evenly. The visitors owned the Saturday and the Sunday belonged to the hosts. Leenash won 2-0 against Nicky and likewise Deon saw off Thami whose relegation woes seem to be here to stay. The tables were turned on Sunday and Nicky got the better of Deon whilst Thami kept Leenash under lock and key. Deon had won the first set 4-2 and the next two sets went down to the wire with Nicky making a break and clearance in the very last frame. Leenash seemed out of sorts on Sunday and he will rue all those missed chances, time and again he had to hang his head as if shameful of the uncharacteristic misses he had.

Kevin Seseane had a very busy weekend as he had to play 3 matches, two on Saturday and one on Sunday against everyone in PE. He did very well to take out Donovan who now hangs by the skin of his teeth on that number one spot with Mabuti breathing down heavily on the big guy. Kevin did very well after losing the first set 4-1 and clinching the next two 4-2 each. He may have lost 2-1 to both Pieter and Juandre but this means that he too managed to collect some points in those loses taking his tally to a total of 12 points collected over the weekend and this took him straight to 7th place, with 53 points, 8 clear of 8th placed Zaid Kara. Kara managed to scrap a win against Da President on Sunday in a very tightly contested duel. Kara took the first set 4-3 but Nelson gave the next set his all and won it 4-0 but the host came back firing and out muscled the statesman 4-2. Nelson had been dealt a serious blow by Mabuti in Mpumalanga on Saturday, 4-0 4-0 it ended and that was a serious statement of intent by Mbotyeni. Riaesh was not so lucky, the guys in PE were not in giving mood, Juandre was at his monstrous best and Donnie had some making up to do after Kevin had derailed him and Riaesh was at the wrong place at the wrong time and he unfortunately had to be sacrificed as attornment for Kevin’s misdemeanor.


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