Planet BPL is sometimes like a restaurant and the weak are always on the menu and the likes of Aden and Sandile have been high on the list of many a player’s favorite cuisines. A petition is circulating as a desperate measure to stop the consumption of endangered species. Shilolo, Legacy and the Wonderkid are on the brink of extinction but they for some odd reason remain the fans’ favorite athletes. In his hey days Legacy was a very special player, a crowd puller and a definite winner, but then came along the BPL and the dungeon of doom spared not even the high flying Madlala and the King became a slave and as it stands Legacy, Nsovo and Aden find themselves in an abyss foraging for scraps… who could have imagined?


For the first time this season, the BPL will bring matches to within fingertip range, the matches between Aden, Nsovo and Charl, Sandile will be live-streamed for your convenience. You have been begging for the live broadcast of your favorite matches and your cries fell not on deaf ears. All roads will lead to TimeOut Sports bar for a bumper weekend of pool. This weekend is your lucky weekend and we will be bringing you Charl versus Sandile 3pm plus Aden versus Nsovo 1pm today and for the first time at the same venue. Make your way to TimeOut otherwise you can watch it live on

In the first round Charl made a serious statement of intent when he walloped Legacy and Shilolo to set himself up for a good season and he has done tremendously well so far losing only to the two gentlemen from Cape Town, Aden had a fabulous end to the first round and if he continues this weekend, he might once again breathe freely and breathing space is all that Aden is asking for. Let me point out that Aden has never beaten Nsovo nor Sandile but there is a first time for everything and if form is anything to go by then maybe we should expect a twist to this tale. The pressure will be on Charl, no one wants to lose to people that he beat in the first round and especially if those people are relegation candidates. The Assassin will surely bring his A+ game like he always does and this is also a very special weekend for him as he will be defending his title as the CSF Ultimate Player.

Sandile loves cameras and he thrives in the spotlight, he will be in top gear for a few reasons, he badly needs to get out of relegation, he wants very badly to get the better of Charl and he wants to keep Aden in his place as a junior. As a bonus for Legacy’s motivation, he will want to reclaim glory in the big CSF competition. In the case of Nsovo, it has always been about the game at hand, he definitely also wants out of the relegation zone and I can tell you now that we are set for some sublime action and you do not for any reason want to miss out. You can be live at TimeOut or livestream the action from the comfort of your home.

Ishmael Mthethwa and Nico Erasmus will miss out on the action in Johannesburg as they will be travelling to Hotshots in Durban to rub shoulders with Sylvester and Lenny. Sylvester pulled a shock win in the first round against Ishmael and the African Champion will want to make sure this time around that he instils discipline and buries that loss in the past. Ishmael has been anything but promising in this season’s campaign, he is in 9th position and he is not showing any signs of life and it will be no surprise if he finds himself rock bottom on Sunday evening. Nico has been the most consistent in the league and he deserves the number one spot on the log, he and Keegan Pillay have been flying the TimeOut flag so high and from a Gauteng and inland perspective, they and Mabuti have been the only athletes that thrive in the BPL otherwise it is a coastal showpiece. Lenny has to turn things around, since he first set foot, he is yet to prove he deserves his place in the elite league, thanks to Sly Hotshots has some representation.

It is back to square one for Zaid and Mabuti as they take on Donovan and Juandre again in their opening matches. Mabuti is riding the crest of the wave and he will want to leave no stone un-turned in maintaining the status quo in the second stanza, it would be a shame if he doesn’t get promoted to the higher division but this second round will be a very crucial one. Donovan handed Mabuti his first loss of the season in their opener and Zaid orchestrated Olwethu’s only other loss. Juandre blows hot and cold but he exhibits sparks of brilliance when it matters the most and this weekend is one of those where he needs to shine. Zaid Kara finished the first round strongly and wiggled his way out of relegation, he is quite capable of upsetting the apple cart mostly if he brings his thinking cap with. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, Donovan de Doncker doesn’t however have a habit of falling easily but the BPL requires full concentration and athletes should always remember that everyone else is champion material and the difference is the commitment on the day.


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