Alyson: Aden!

Aden: Mom (Yawning)…

Alyson: Wake up son I had a dream and in the dream you went to KZN and came back a champion, you won convincingly against Yulan and Kyle and we were all very proud of you, go on son, go out there and show them whose son you are.

Aden: Mom Yulan is invincible and Kyle has a snake…

Alyson: I understand son but go out there and show them the reason why you are the Champion.

Aden: But mom I…

Alyson:  Shhh… Say no more son.

Lock, stock and barrel, aim, fire! It is the 8th week of the country’s only Elite Pool League and this time around the Assassin and the Predator will paint the whole of KZN red when they go head-to-head with the dangerous duo of Yulan and Kyle. Charl and Aden will have to turn turtle, be on the qui vive and seek divine intervention if they are to dethrone the Prince of Pietermaritzburg or get any points from Shaka’s Den. It is now or never in the case of Aden, he will have to employ Machiavellian policies and get those much needed points to bolster his virtually dried up account, by any means necessary a win is desperately needed and the Wonderkid is between a rock and a very hard place, oh and yes, Jane the Python will grace the stage with her beauty and I don’t think that will help Aden much. Currently placed 10th on the log with only 3 points after four matches, this could easily be the worst position the 18 year old Maestro has ever been and under the circumstances I’d say he is doing well seeing that he hasn’t lost his ability to smile in the face of adversity. More than ever before, Aden will have to put his shoulder to the wheel if his visit to Zululand is to bear any fruit. This is not an episode of everybody hates Chris (Aden) it is not personal at all but it’s eat or be eaten, it is strictly business. Hawkeye takes on the Assassin on Saturday whilst the Viper will dance with the Predator at Ricochets and both matches will commence at 3pm. There could be no great ones if there were no little ones, little by little Aden will have to claw his way back up and maybe, just maybe something is about to give.

On the same Saturday Sbu Gumede will take on his travelling partner Vish (The Dish) at Déjà Vous also at 3pm, currently lying fourth on the log Sbu will seek to improve his position by getting maximum points from Jagdev. According to Sbu, the 2015/16 season is between himself and Yulan. Vishen is of course still pumped up after a great win against Paul a fortnight ago and although he is placed 8th on the log, he always proves to be a menace to the big boys and Sbu will have to have eyes at the back of his head and keep the Dish firmly tucked in his seat otherwise we will have ourselves a very wide open race.

Cape Town seems to be struggling in the First Division, 8th placed Rushin ‘The Hammer’ Bowers and 10th placed Keeyam Schoeman will be hosting 3rd placed Sylvester and second from the bottom Lenny Ramghulam, now this lot right here is the most unpredictable and the bookies would have a migraine just at the thought of formulating the odds for this encounter. Lenny and Sly did very well last weekend against Leenash and Deon and they will be looking to carry on from where they left off. Will the Hammer get hammered and smelted or will he crush some KZN bone? Keyaam needs to step it up, he hasn’t exactly raised his hand since the onset of the league and it is about time he shows us his cards. Rushin will tussle with Lenny on Saturday and Yummy will be entertaining Sly, and they will swop opponents on Sunday. The games will start at 3pm on Saturday and at 1pm on Sunday.

In the Second Division Free State will be hosting Zaid and Mabuti. Zander and Nelson who are placed 6th and 7th respectively will be hoping to count on home ground advantage in their respective matches which I don’t think will count for much in any case. In the beginning of the season Nelson vowed to win the league but his performance thus far has been pointing in the opposite direction, Zander is doing well for an 18 year old, he even took out Donovan De Doncker in PE a few weeks back and that’s a great achievement, which resulted in Donny’s only loss in the league and it might help Zaid and Mabuti to keep a close eye on the youngster as both of them lost to the Big Guy in their first matches of the season. Donovan and Juandre will also be on the road, they will be in Pietermaritzburg at Swerve for a date with Shameel Singh who seems to be at home at the basement of the log, his destiny seems to have been penned out already and everyone seems to think of him as their whooping boy.

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