Ladies and gentlemen the BPL presents to you boys-to-men your childhood stars, a trio that has grown to become household names in the pool world. Between these three men, at least one or two of them have made the junior or senior national side every year since 2007. These guys are highly skilled, they have so many provincial and national titles between them and it’s never a game every time they meet. Apparently Sandile is the reason why Sbu never won the junior world title in 2008 amongst other could-haves and Sbu has always had the Sandile’s friend tag for as long as one can remember and if there is that one guy that he would want beat repeatedly then it will have to be none other than Legacy. Vishen is not really a foe or a protégée of other two but he certainly is not just there to make the circle bigger; he is a tough cookie and besides the fact that he needs to clear the red zone, he will take a win against the flamboyant Sandile with a huge smile any given Sunday.

Legacy won both his First Round matches against Sbu and Vishen but that was before relegation was a factor. Looking back, that win against Vishen on the 26th of July was Legacy’s last BPL win this season and he has since lost his last seven matches in a row; he lost to Paul and Ace, Yulan and Kyle, Nsovo and recently he lost to both Charl and Aden. That is one of the worst records in Premier league history and by Sandile’ s high standards it must hurt to find himself in this predicament. At position 6 and only one point clear of Vishen, Sbu is not exactly safe from relegation either. In fact the safest bet you can place right now is that there will be at least one player from GP that will get relegated and another that will feature in the play-offs to try and escape the axe. Chillies needs the win to augment his position but perhaps legacy needs it more to save face but then again Gumede will not allow Sandile to beat him twice in one season, we will get the final roll of the dice on Saturday at 3pm at DVM. The Dish will pick up whatever will be left of Legacy on Sunday at 3pm at Timeout Sports Bar and with the current form and improved playing speed that he has displayed lately; we might be in for a humdinger of a match.

Rushin Bowers will look to continue from where he left off in July, the last time they sparred, Keeyam got hammered 2-0 and at that stage ‘The Hammer’ seemed to be sending a very loud threat to the rest of the guys but no one seems to have taken heed of that at all and he now finds himself in fourth place. Nico and his new travelling partner Thami Jabavu will be both at Timeout on Saturday to settle the GP hierarchical disorder. Erasmus needs to peel away from Keegan and Thami needs breathing space, any point collected will help as he desperately needs to move away from the red area with only 7 games to go. Nicky, Keegan and Azim are position 1, 2 and 3 on the log respectively and looking at the spaces in between them, there is a very good chance that they will maintain their positions at the end of this weekend. Believe it or not, if Thami wins both his matches this weekend, he might just find himself in the top 5, weird as this may sound, the difference in terms of points in the First Division is very little, positions separated by about a point or two in between. Imagine if Jabavu goes on and does the unthinkable? He might even get promoted, ok maybe I am pushing it a little too far there but who knows? Nothing is impossible. Please note that Thami and Keegan were initially scheduled to play their Saturday match at Turning Point Lounge in Soweto but the match has been moved to Timeout, he will however be back in Soweto to host Azim on Sunday.


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