No snakes allowed in aeroplanes, will Kyle Survive Cape Town without Jane?

Kyle ‘The Viper’ Akaloo is in terrific form at the moment and he has transformed himself into a worthy opponent and a lethal marksman. He has played 5 matches losing only to “father and son” Yulan and Sbu and winning against Vishen, Nsovo and Sandile. The Viper has however also become known for notoriously scaring his opponents off with ‘Jane the 6ft Albino Burmese Python’ and many are yet to be convinced that his game has had a major face-lift and he is no longer everyone’s whooping boy. The mother City is renowned for its beauty but it is also the home of two of the most incredible pool players in the country. Paul and Ace will seek to put Kyle in his place but the Viper will of course be in the company of Yulan who is always a tough cookie but Paul is also no pushover. Very few players have come of Cape Town Alive and to make matters worse, both Paul and Ace registered loses in Joburg this past weekend and they need to make up for it but we will just have to wait and see what Kyle and Hawk have to say about that. Paul will battle Yulan first on Saturday and this could possibly decide who this season’s winner will be, these two have one loss each and they would dearly want to keep it this way but one must die and that’s inescapable. Ace will be attending to Kyle on Saturday and both matches will start at 3pm and the Sunday encounters will both start at 1pm. Do you think Kyle will outperform the Cappies in Jane’s absence or will he be defanged? My guess is as good as yours.


If you stay in Johannesburg you would know of one of the longest feuds in modern day pool and it is that of youngsters Nico and Ishmael, these two have always had a go at each other mostly in money games and they have played countless times and no one remembers who has the upper hand but we all know it is always one action packed encounter that is a must see. The BPL will once again pit these two together and this time around Ishmael is the underdog as far as their track record in the league goes. It is always a good one when travel partners have to battle it out because in all the other times they have to be each other’s closest ally. Nico is playing well and looks set for top honors at the end of the season but Ishmael seems to have lost all interest in Cuesports at the moment perhaps the African Champion has other fish to fry. The other First Division matches will be a coastal affair as Leenash and Deon will be taking another trip together this time to the KZN to pay Lenny and Sylvester a little visit and they will be going for maximum points, in fact they should if they have any intention of being promoted next season. Statistically speaking the visitors have the advantage, Leenash and Deon have played 5 games each and won 3, whereas Lenny and Sly have each played 4 and only won one match, they occupy the bottom two spots on the log and things are really looking bad for them but perhaps they will ride the waves this weekend and surprise many an onlooker.

First Division

In the Second Division Mabuti and Zaid will be hosting Thami Jabavu and Yacoob Shaik at Marco’s Pub in Mpumalanga and Dejavous in Mondeor respectively. Yacoob will look to continue his unbeaten run but maybe just maybe Mabuti will dismantle the Robot. Things are not looking so good for both Thami and Zaid who have only won one game each. It is now or never and everyone has to give it their best if they are to avoid relegation. It would be sad to lose any of the players but it is however inevitable and that’s just the nature of the BPL, it applies the laws of the jungle, evolve and adapt or perish.

Second Division