Derbies are a different ball game altogether, the city comes to a standstill and the athletes want just that one win more than any other, this one match matters dearly and whoever comes out on top on the day earns himself precious bragging rights. Barcelona went over the top in the El Classico, winning was justified but 4-0 was outrageous. In BPL terms, that was a bonus point right there but everyone else seemed to be playing a race to 4… BPL fever has spread to Europe. The noisy neighbours got served too and Leicester City with their limited resources is riding the crest of the wave; who would have thought? Paul and Ace locked horns in the Cape Derby and to many people Paul was the outright favourite but for those of you who have been following the BPL, Ace is the man of the moment. He has been on a roll for the past few months, and he goes about his business quietly and nobody notices. Looking at it in retrospect Ace has won his last 4 matches in straight sets:

Ace vs. Paul 2-0
Ace vs. Charl 2-0
Ace vs. Aden 2-0
Ace vs. Sandile 2-0

Yazeed is the man to watch this season and he if Charl slips up at the top we will have a new singles winner. It takes sheer class and composure to dominate the Premier League and Ace has proven that he is a complete player and he can take on just about anybody. His solid performance sees him escalate to 2nd position on the log having played 3 games less than the current leader. Ace has lost only 3 matches throughout the campaign and only against Nsovo did he fail to secure a point otherwise he has just been magnificent.  Not everyone can subdue Paul in Cape Town and on that note The Sheriff takes his hat off to Ace for the outstanding display and hands him this week’s Toast.

Mr Padayachee was in the mother city as well for his return match against Yummy and Bowers. Going into these Leenash was bleeding profusely and he desperately needed the antidote. He was deep in the relegation zone and it must be weighing him down to be the only player from the Eastern Cape to find himself in such a predicament. The other athletes from his province are on top on things in their respective endeavours. EC boasts such talents as Charl, Donovan, Juandre and Pieter Rademeyer and statistically Leenash is not doing well and with the curtains about to close, everyone needs to put their house in order. This weekend was a very fruitful one for Leenash and it was paid for dearly by both Keeyam and Rushin. The loss dampened Bowers’ chances of ‘Hammering’ his way to the top and it also pushed Yummy to the dungeon. Yummy is now solidly stuck in the red zone, I dread to think what his position would be if he had lost to Deon Daniels? Gummy lost both his matches and he is no longer the same dangerous fellow that should theoretically be playing the Premier league this season had it not been for Kyle stealing it right at the eleventh hour.

The most dangerous place in the BPL right now is the Parliament, no one has made it out alive, five matches on and counting, and Nelson Stokwe is still invincible at the Parliament. He has accumulated a total of 31 points; Zander Kriel was the latest victim… who is next? Da President is slowly changing his fortunesfrom being a relegation threatened player into a title contender. The 18 year old did try to fight back after having lost the first set 4-1, Zander returned the same favour only for Nelson to come back guns blazing in the 3rd and final set and collecting maximum points at 4-0. Riaesh Pillay was also in action in the windy city and he did well to make Pieter Rademeyer tap out. In bits and pieces Riaesh is slowly scaling his way to safe ground although it is still a long way home. The 2-0 score should be a good enough omen for better things to come and if Pillay does survive relegation he will go on to become a major force in the new season.


Arnold 6