For every Charl there is a Kyle or a Yulan and for every Keegan there is an Azim, not everyone can be a Mabuti, we might as well hand him the trophy on Saturday in his match against Keenan. Unlike everyone else, Mbotyeni needs only four points from three matches. Did someone say Bayern Munich?

If there has ever been a weekend to remember for Charl then this will definitely be it, enter the dragon Kyle and Yulan, the Assassin will be waiting with some Bruce Lee super powers. Call it Armageddon if you may but it is just another day in the magnificent BPL, there isn’t a league out there that is as pulsating and captivating as it is. The moment of truth is upon us, between Charl, Kyle and Yulan, one man and one man only will be smiling at the finish line but a lot depends on the outcome of this weekend’s matches.

Scenario 1: Hawkeye successfully defends the title

Kyle is number one with 84 points, 6 ahead of Charl, and Charl is 3 points ahead of Yulan but… lo and behold ‘IF’ Hawkeye wins both his remaining matches against Charl and Aden then he can potentially end up with 87 and that can be a winner ceteris paribus, that is if we freeze the league and only Hawk progresses, that is Kyle loses to Charl (2-0) and Hawk beats Charl. What are the odds?

Scenario 2: Charl gets the crown again.

Charl can win if and only if he beats both Kyle and Yulan, Kyle gets zero points and Aden comes to the party and also beats Kyle. Now if Kyle loses to Charl but still gets 3 points from winning a set and then goes on to beat Aden then… Ok let us not put the horse before the cart, Charl beat both Hawk and Kyle in the first round but that is so last year right…? Charl is hosting this time around, his wife and his dad will be present and hopefully their vocals will be fired up to (This time around he needs them like never before) and if the current Protea Number one seed pulls this one off then maybe everyone will be convinced that he is indeed the Ultimate Player. Are there any Charl fans out there? Of course both Yulan and Kyle are no strangers to big matches and home advantage will serve very little purpose. He who has the better BMT will emerge victorious.

Scenario 3: Kyles walks tall

From being relegated in the inaugural league, Kyle is on the verge of doing the previously unthinkable. He is currently number one and all he needs is potentially 3, maybe 6, ok 7 points to wrap it up. 90 points will not guarantee safety, well not from Charl but anyway there is more than one variable to this equation. Hawkeye cannot reach 90 that we know but Charl can. If the Viper loses both his last two matches then Liverpool and Arsenal will not look so bad after all but Mervin Akaloo already has the Champagne on ice and will be hoping for the best result with his sin already having one hand on that trophy going into the weekend. Can Kyle actually do this? Is it his time? Are we going to have a new Premier league winner altogether?
Premier Log

Pool City Walmer in Port Elizabeth is where all the drama and action will unfold, Charl will have to prove his mettle against the venomous Viper at 3pm today and against Yulan at the same time on Sunday. Meanwhile at the same 3pm today, Sbu Gumede will be hosting his Deja Vous Mondeor partner and friend. Nsovo needs to really up his game in order to avoid automatic relegation, he and Aden Joseph have 40 points each with two games remaining and they have the 8th spot to play for. Vishen is at position 7 with 58 points and safe from relegation, now the only position feasible for Aden and Nsovo to play for is 8th so as to try and playoff with the 3rd placed player from the First Division. Nsovo plays Sbu today and against Vishen tomorrow at Timeout Sports Bar. Neither Sbu nor Vish need the points literally but bragging rights are at stake, no club wants to sponsor a loser and therefore the big boys need to put the pretenders in their place and knowing Chillies, he would want to press very hard and hurt the boy. Vishen has been in good form lately and he will also want to seal it in style at the expense of Shilolo and 3pm is when it will all start.

Azim will be hosting Keegan in a do or die encounter at DVM today at 3pm, these travelling partners will be playing their last match against each other and it is also the tittle decider. Keegan is currently the leader of the pack with 87 points and Azim is second placed with 85. If Keegan wins then it is a done deal simple as that but if Azim wins, it might not necessarily mean that he wins the league… there is a little twist to the tale. Look at the log carefully, if Keegza loses but still wins a set with a bonus point then he gets to 91 points too. Now if the two players are tied at 91 points at the end of the day then Keegan remains number 1, brought to you by the BPL. Do not miss this one, the magician will have to outsmart the master tactician but it is not as clear-cut as he would like it to be. Make a date with the Champions at 3pm today in Mondeor and watch as the action unfolds.

Deon Daniels and Leenash will be hosting the Hotshots this weekend and these two matches are very important for Gums if he is to end up at number 3. Gums starts with Lenny today at 3pm at the Penthouse and Sly tomorrow at 3pm as well. If Deon takes both these matches then he will be comfortably 3rd, 5 points above Rushin Bowers and this will set him on a playoff date against either Aden or Nsovo. Dangerous Gums just can’t seem to be able to wrap things up in good time, he ended up in a similar position last season and eventually lost to Ace at the Showdown. Leenash will host Sly today at 12pm at Stables and Lenny tomorrow at 3pm. Mr. Padayachee is not exactly fighting relegation but he has to win at least one of the matches to augment his position. It is however a different story for Lenny and Sly as they need to win both r at least one of their matches to escape relegation ahead of their next set of games next week against Thami Jabavu who can potentially end up with 63 points and safe.

Keenan and Pieter will be hosting Mabuti and Zaid respectively this weekend and all their matches will be taking place at 3pm at DVM and at Stables. Mabuti needs only 5 points in 3 games, he can seal it with a win today against Keenan otherwise he will be going to the province of his birth tomorrow to squeeze a win out of Pieter. Zaid needs at least one win to stay safe from automatic relegation, he starts his campaign in PE today and flies back home tomorrow to take on the unpredictable Keenan.


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