Yippee finally we got the rain! It had been long over and the heat was on the other side of the bearable scale. Johannesburg is normally not as hot but the last few weeks were something from the equator hand delivered to the city of gold. Sandile Madlala and Thami Jabavu might have had a hand in the kindness bestowed on us by the sky; these two must have been praying a lot lately as they are precariously perched on the edges of the log with the relegation axe hovering above their heads and perhaps in the commotion they could have mentioned the rain, well maybe asa result of a tongue slip or they could have mentioned it as their contribution in a bid to save the human race… whatever it was it worked, and we still need more rain by the way.

Every war has its casualties and every fire leaves behind ashes but it is every reason to get worried when lightning keeps hitting the same spot over and over. I watch the National Geographic channel a lot and one of my favourite programmes is when they show lions on the hunt on the African plains. I get very excited when the apex predator achieves success but I have to admit that I kind of get hurt when the hyenas come through and bully the lions off their catch and I am not going to mention how I react when the Cape buffalo gorges the lights out of the King of the jungle. Change is good but that’s not always the case, certainly not when it comes to the fans and friends of Madlala Legacy. Many players and fans alike would rather have the Sandile of old, this new version of his is not much of a crowd pleaser and a winner. Madlala wowed many in his hey days and there used to be a time when he would pot everything and anything from anywhere on the table… he wouldn’t miss a single ball and he cleared more or less every frame. That time is gone, it is dead and it should be buried. In his prime Sandile was a scary beast and players lost to him before the match even started and this always played in his favour but nobody seems to be scared of Legacy lately and he has been reduced to a doormat. Everybody has had a turn in throwing a stone at Da Big Dogg now that he is stuck in a very deep pit. This past weekend Madlala was handed his 8th and 9th consecutive losses and with that he has lost at least one match to every other athlete in the Premier League.

Saturday was the reunion of the former U23 terrible twins at Deja Vous and going into the match, Legacy had vowed to use this weekend’s matches to spring out of the red relegation zone but alas Sibongiseni ‘Sbu Chillies’ Gumede and Vish  ‘The Dish’ didn’t get that memo, they had their own ideas. Gumede and Madlala put aside their friendship for just two hours and battled out properly but it was quickly over with Sbu standing tall over a battered Legacy. Chillies managed to subdue Madlala 4-1 in both sets. Vishen has been in terrific form lately and he has grown immensely in his confidence and confidence is the X-factor in execution. Sah took the first set 4-0 and at that stage the writing was on the wall, Madlala was back and with a bang, he had already bagged 4 points in the first set alone and Vishen had his work cut out for him, the breaking was also not working for ‘The Dish’ on the day and the omen couldn’t have been any worse. With the odds stacked up against him, Jagdev gathered himself and soldiered on.  An apple in the first and last frame on the second set secured a 4-2 win for the slow machine. The same 4-2 in Vishen’s favour prevailed in the last set after a very long struggle and with it Sandile left the arena with his tail in between his legs and his head hung.

Jabavu hosted Keegan and Azim Hoosen over the weekend in a bid to crawl out of relegation but his prayers were not answered this time around, the gods must have been busy attending to petitions by people asking for the rain, and so all the other prayers for safety against relegation amongst other things were put on ice for now. We do however urge Rea Vaya and other athletes to continue to pray, the prayers were not denied necessarily but they could just be delayed. Keegan put Thami in a submission hold, 4-2 and 4-1 and Azim made also sure that the master from Soweto stays put in the red zone. Azim won the match 4-2 and 4-3. Keegan and Azim must have been on fire this weekend, they beat both Thami and Nicky, Erasmus remains in number one position but Keegan and Hoosen are hot on his heels and mathematically they stand a good chance of overtaking Nicky in their next matches. Hoosen and Pillay played very well and they are the deserving winners of the Sheriff’s Toast of the week award.

In Cape Town Yummy tried to run, he tried to hide but the ‘Hammer’ destroyed everything including the very structure that Schoeman was hiding behind. Their match was initially supposed to happen on Saturday but it was postponed to Sunday, nonetheless Rushin Bowers was still waiting for the wayward Keeyam with the same ferocity as if the match was never moved back and a 4-2, 4-3 result is what Yummy was served for his misdemeanour. This results puts Rushin back in contention with 52 points, only 12 behind the log leader and with 3 games in hand. Keeyam is now in the red zone together with Thami and Lenny.


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