It was a very sombre Saturday for the visiting athletes across the divisions, not even a single one of them registered a win, and the hosts joined forces and formed a formidable movement aimed at capsizing the guests’ ship #visitorsmustfall. In Cape Town Rushin Bowers hammered Nico Erasmus 4-1, 4-1. The number one seed was humbled and for the first time this season he registered a hat-trick of loses; this after he was owned in KZN by both Sly and Lenny. Across town Keeyam was also busy neutralising an adamant Thami Jabavu, Rea Vaya was caught wanting in his first ever duel in the First Division since his untimely switch from the lower tier. It is understandable that the visitor was always going to adopt a more cautious approach, to try and slow the game down and go for a clearance only when a window of opportunity availed itself but Keeyam and Rushin were not allowing much breathing space.

Keeyam and Thami are both stuck deep in the red zone and their match was always going to be an epic battle for survival and according to Jabavu, Yummy produced moments of brilliance that were a definite winner and besides the balls rolling for him on the day, Schoeman pulled off some heroics and the best man won on the day. I have a feeling Keeyam used too much gas in his match on Saturday and he had nothing left in the tank for the Sunday edition against Erasmus. At first I thought perhaps the Capetonian didn’t come to the match and I only believed after looking at the score-card for the third time and the post match pictures that Nicky did a proper demolition job. In the picture Yummy has his trademark look and wry smile but just from that picture like many others that you have seen before; a story worth a thousand words unfolds. The match was one of the quickest ever. Fearless Erasmus blew Yummy to smithereens in under an hour; the final scores were 4-0 in both sets and a whooping 8 points for the number one seed. Talk about a great way to make up for Saturday’s shortcomings.

I think Nico and Thami make a great tag team, they take revenge for each other, you win against the one guy and the partner comes down on you like a ton of bricks. Rushin beat Nicky on Saturday and Yummy beat Tummy but on the other side of the coin, Thami demolished Rushin and Erasmus white-washed Schoeman to even the scales. In the case of Thami, we can safely say that he had pretty much a decent start to his campaign albeit he is not put of the woods yet, he seems to be showing signs of a determined soldier, at number 10 with 38 points, if he wins two matches ceteris paribus, he then climbs up to 50/51 points which will be level with the number two seed, weird as it may sound, the difference between position 10 and second place in the First Division is just one weekend literally. Nobody is guaranteed promotion neither is any of the athletes are safe from the axe.

Nelson Da President has turned his parliament into a graveyard, no one has made it out of the Parliament alive, it is 4/4 wins now, 25 points later Nelson is standing on the roof of the Parliament and banging frantically on his chest and screaming the words ‘Bring it on!’. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, Donovan in all his might fell the hardest this weekend courtesy of a rejuvenated Nelson, 2-1 was the score. Da President also beat Juandre 2-0 and took a huge stride out of relegation. Nelson is the Sheriff’s Toast of the Week; his new found form will surely take him far in the league. Juandre’s woes doubled on Sunday at the hands of Da President but Zander had already inflicted a very deep wound on Saturday. In the first round ‘The Monster’ annihilated Kriel 2-0 and ‘The Sniper’ got his revenge this time around and this leaves the league very wide open at the top and bottom. Donovan may be the new number one but his lead is a very slender one, he now needs everyone else to upset Mabuti for him. Of course the Big Guy wasn’t going back home empty handed and Zander had to be the sacrificial lamb and just like that Donnie managed to stay relevant in terms of title contention. New kid on the block Keenan Adams also adds a new dimension at the top for the Winners medal, he surely is not a pushover and he is as dangerous as they come, he can be both a handful and a headache for his competitors and now that’s what the BPL is all about; it is the Champions league and whoever wins it will be a true champion indeed and he would have earned his stripes the proper way.


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