Hawkeye did not have a smooth first round in this campaign and Sbu pioneered that ugly trail and it sure left a sour taste in Yulan’s mouth but perhaps it was one of those bitter sweet moments when the student unleashes one of those moves that the master never taught him. Many Moley fans quickly forgave him and wrote the loss off as a goodwill gesture extended towards his protégé and Sbu took the win and for a while he looked like he was going to set a new impressive record but that quickly dwindled into the Joburg wind. Yulan and Sbu find themselves in position 5 and 6 respectively with the same number of wins and only four points separating them. Now that things have been put into perspective, Yulan would want to remind Chillies who the master is and being in 5th position is not where Hawkeye belongs, I can tell you now that he has his eye on the number one spot and these first few games will be very crucial if he is to avoid last minute pressure. Paul and Charl will be rooting for the student in this affair for obvious reasons but this is one match that means a lot to the Prince of Pietermaritzburg.

Chillies will not be alone and as usual he will be with Vishen Jagdev when they seek to take Kyle and Hawkeye apart. Talking about Kyle, we have missed his 6 foot Burmese Python (Jane) and we are very curious to see if she will continue to scare off the opposition and spur the Viper to glory. Kyle has had a stupefying run thus far and he definitely has been the surprise package of the season. One of the reasons why a lot of these athletes falter when they play against Kyle is that he did so badly in the inaugural season and he has come back a different person but now it kind of weighs more on the other folks to lose to a once relegated opponent. Now this makes them worry more about losing that they forget to play for a win and when they are preoccupied with that predicament, Jane adds salt to injury and the result is a 4th positioned Akaloo. The inland guys have done so badly throughout the three season of the BPL, it would be no surprise if both Sbu and Vish come back empty handed. This is one assignment that is a true litmus test and should the Gauteng boys pass, the results will change their fortunes tremendously. Vishen is lying 3rd from the bottom and he narrowly escaped relegation last season, if anyone needs to start winning consistently then that person is none other than the Dish.

Lenny and Sylvester find themselves conjoined at the waist, once again they have to meet for a sparring session and confuse the fans. These two share Hotshots as their home and this can’t be easy for the fans to choose who to support on the day. Three weeks ago the pair met and Lenny emerged victorious but that victory didn’t do much to improve his position on the log, Lenny is still stuck at the bottom but if he wins again this time around Ishmael will be rock bottom.

Thami Jabavu is a man on a mission and he is already thinking about promotion into First Division, fresh from the 8 ball Nationals Rea Vaya will want to prove his mettle this weekend as he takes on newcomers Riaesh and Kevin at Turning Point Lounge in Soweto. If he gets maximum points Thami will for the first time in his campaign be number two on the log, this definitely will be a big boost for him and almost a taste of what glory is like, it will boost his confidence which took a serious knock in the early stages of the first round. As things stand, Thami looks set for a top 3 finish but it stands to be seen, after all it depends on how he plays his cards. All the matches kick off at 3pm except for the Sunday match between Thami and Kevin, this one will commence at 1pm.


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