What sorcery is this, what have they done to you Aden Joseph, week in week out the agony continues for the 18 year old maestro who dominated everything cue-sports related in the last 12 months or so. What could have possibly gone wrong, is the Premier League too much for him, is Aden too young to be competing in it? Well it definitely is a different audience altogether, all the opponents are older, more mature, very meticulous and also very experienced. I suppose experience is the best teacher and it cannot be purchased over the counter. Can the season end already, we need to take Aden out of his misery. It could also be too much school work on his shoulders, the triple champion is doing his final year in high school and that could mean that he has less hours to dedicate to the game, without making any excuses for him I think it is fair to say that his best is yet to come and when that time comes the BPL will once again be the podium. Coming from a big victory in the KZN, Aden was expected to keep the momentum going and bag more points, the country had held its breath for far too long and his fans had forgave him for all the previous losses after he uprooted Hawkeye and many thought the Predator had finally turned a corner but alas Sbu was not playing according to the script.

Having lost to Vishen Jagdev a week before and to Charl on Saturday, Sbu went to Bloemfontein with one thing in mind and that was to smoke Aden. He wasn’t about to let the 18 year old make him his trophy, Aden succumbed 2-0 to Sbu and retained his baseline position on the log. Sbu Gumede won 4-1, 4-0 bagging that much needed bonus point and ironically he lost by a similar margin to Charl on Saturday in PE, the match ended 4-2, 4-0. Charl didn’t stop there, he continued his dominance on Sunday against another Gauteng athlete, Vishen only did enough to prevent Charl from getting bonus points in both sets but the wins were enough to catapult the assassin to number one spot on the log and making it mathematically impossible for anyone to catch him, at least not in the first round of matches. The Sheriff couldn’t ignore the Assassin’s solid performances over the weekend and the fact that he is back on top and this time around being 10 points clear, sending a very loud message to the competitors; ‘Catch me if you can’, he once again earns the Sheriff’s Toast of the week!

Sandile Madlala paid Nsovo a visit on Sunday at Dejavous in Mondeor for one of those fixtures where travel partners take each other on, these are not easy because these guys have to be each other’s cheer leaders throughout the season and facing each other in a ‘one must die’ tussle can be a bit weird. 2-0 it ended in Nsovo’s favour but the win didn’t do much to improve Bana Shilolo’s position on the log, he is second from the bottom with 21 points, of course this is still better than Aden’s 9 points and just one win in 7 matches. Legacy is also in the Red Zone with only 23 points from 7 matches. It will be interesting to see Sandile and Nsovo claw their way out of the relegation zone or get stuck there until the end of the season. Can you imagine Sandile in the First Division? Well that’s a possibility that one cannot ignore, after all this is the BPL and everyone is a champion. Could Aden be on his way back home sweet home in the First Division?

Nickie Erasmus is back, he is on fire and it doesn’t look like he will be stopping anytime soon, he has been number one on the log from the onset except when Keegan temporarily occupied that spot, he is on cloud nine and he is playing some sublime pool at the moment, with a total of 7/9 wins, at 50 points the man is raising the bar too high. Right now it is safe to say that Nickie is to the First Division what Charl is to the Premier; ‘head and shoulders above the rest’. Erasmus and Ishmael had the daunting task of taking on Leenash and Deon over the weekend and these were very critical matches and Nickie couldn’t afford any further slipups seeing that Keegan is hot on his heels with only one loss in 7 matches. Erasmus started in PE and he beat Leenash in his own Stable 4-3 and 4-2, at the same time Ishmael was breaking Deon to sizeable chunks, Nickie also beat Deon. Gumz did well to win at least a set against Ishmael, in fact Gumz won the first set in both matches and these will come in handy quite soon as we have seen in the BPL that every point counts. I must say that I find it quite strange that Deon seems to have lost his bite and hasn’t lived up to expectations and his ‘Dangerous’ alias, you could swear that a magical spell has been cast over him and he is struggling to shake it off. Deon has played all 9 first round matches and managed to win just three and this is a far cry from what his record was last year this time. He vowed to walk all over his opponents at the beginning of the season but he is the one being trampled on as things stand but one can never write off Deon, he can still grab the bull by the horns and take everyone on a roller-coaster ride. It was another successful mission for Ishmael and Nickie, Leenash escaped with a win over Ishmael and both these players have won 4/9 matches thus far and Leenash at position 6 has 31 points whilst Ishmael has 29 points and he is placed at 7th. Keegan hasn’t disappointed at all this season, he is playing very well and since the wife spoke to him, he has really been playing his heart out and Azim was not going to spoil this impressive run even after he had won the first set convincingly, Pillay had to dig deep but since adopting the winning habit, Azim or anyone for that matter was always going to come second.

Inspired by a new venue and a historic moment when the BPL National League for the very first time played from Soweto. Turning Point Lounge (The Home of Pool In Soweto) was the place to be this past weekend when Rea Vaya went head on with Juandre Jonck and Donovan De Doncker. Thami didn’t disappoint, he won both his matches and made his mark at his new home. There wasn’t much the duo from PE could do, all they could manage was steal 2 frames each per set, 4-2, 4-2 it ended in both matches. Well done Thami. Yacoob may have exited the league but his legacy is being very well taken care of but Pieter ‘Die hard’ Rademeyer, he may be old but certainly not cold. Uncle Pieter put the first nail on the coffin on what was to be a nightmare of a weekend for Donovan, talk about flight damaged cues, delayed matches to name but a few glitches, the Big Guy is only human and he could only try to smile through the blows. Juandre refused to lose two in a row and he narrowly out-muscled Pieter winning both sets 4-3 at Stables on Sunday. The Second Division log has pretty much taken shape and I don’t see the top 5 moving out of that zone, the order might change but I doubt anyone from position 6-10 will creep in…