With the continental games happening in Lesotho, there will not be any Premier league matches happening this weekend, so Paul and Ace have a breather as some of the league’s players will be carrying out national duty. Thamsanqa Jabavu is flying without wings and his faith will be put to the test starting this weekend. He has what’s left of season to overturn imminent relegation all thanks to a certain Ishmael Mthethwa. Talking about Ishmael, the short-sighted African Champion had the perfect platform to strut his feathers and prove to the world that he is the real deal but alas once a hustler always a hustler and BPL always seemed to be in his way, and in all honesty Mthethwa was an accident looking for a place to happen, now Thamsanqa has the daunting task to clean up the mess. In the case of Jabavu it is all about surviving relegation and he only has half a season to do the seemingly impossible.

Rea Vaya is made of sterner stuff but even Chuck Norris would pass this one on, he was in a good standing in the second tier league to get promoted but he opted to give it a go sooner than later. Cape Town will be the first to say hello and Rushin and Keeyam will look to strike the hammer whilst the iron is hot. Nicky Erasmus will have to lead from the front and hope to haul the trailer a bit closer, he will be looking to extend his lead at the top. If Thami pulls this one off then the rest could be slightly easier, it’s always the first impressions that set trends that last forever. Nicky had a bit of a stumble in KZN in his last match and he will seek solace in this visit to the Cape and it will be great to see if he will continue to fly the Gauteng flag high. Yummy has been very quiet, in fact he has been awfully quiet and one wonders if he can still play. Rushin started like a house on fire but he seems to have quieted down too.

Nelson and Zander will have their hands full when they host the Big Guy and the Monster over the weekend. Donovan has nothing but the number one spot in mind, Mabuti will be hoping Nelson pulls off last week’s heroics and derails the Eastern Cape crew and give him some breathing space. Will Zander be able to do to Donovan what he did at Stables? Donnie has vowed to leave no stone unturned and that can only mean trouble for Kriel, and I can smell revenge from right here. The Monster is enjoying a solid run too and he is quietly creeping up the log. Juandre might just surprise everyone and steal it at the finish line. Nelson has new found inspiration in his new Parliament and that could mean the home fans might spur him to glory. Let the games begin and please make your way to the venues and stand a chance to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Arnold Classic next year in Sandton!!


Arnold 1