What are the odds of finding a soccer player without any tattoos? I am not sure but I’d say probably the same odds as it would take to get a few players getting 7 pointers in a BPL match. Ok before you start consulting Google, let me take you out of your misery and tell you what exactly happened on Saturday 7th of October 2015. Ok by now you do know that the BPL NEVER DISAPPOINTS!!! Right and you do know that we are the Champions’ playground and only excellence survives right? Oh and I am sure you already know that we are the only Singles Travelling League in the World? That’s right throughout the world there doesn’t exist a League like the BPL. This is a groundbreaking, innovative new age venture that has got the world talking and all 30 National League players are brand ambassadors in their own right, trendsetters, pioneers and game-changers in the billiard universe.

Charl Jonck was in the golden province and boy did he kill or did he shoot to kill…? Kill he did and he was in another realm on Saturday tearing apart Sbu ‘Chillies Gumede’ 4-3, 4-0 and at the same time Vishen was doing the same to Aden Joseph. In just over an hour Vishen had registered a 4-2, 4-0 win over the 18 year old and he ‘Dished out’ 3 apples in the process. Sevens must have been wild on the Saturday because we had a 3rd 7pointer albeit in the Second Division where Donovan squeezed the life out of Uncle Pieter Rademeyer 4-2 and 4-0. The guys must be flying high in this second round the number of wins with a bonus point has picked up immensely and this is the staff that dreams are made of.

Charl continued where he had left off on Saturday when he marched to Timeout to take on Vishen. I have to say that ‘The Dish’ is playing very well lately and surely going on the International break with Springbok squad to Lesotho is paying dividends immediately, international tournaments always boost any player’s confidence and Jagdev played with loads of it this weekend. Well it would take a little bit more than confidence and international inspiration to outsmart the Assassin, yes Vishen fought a good fight but Charl is Charl, he doesn’t crack easily and the host could only settle for second best. Although Jagdev opened up the first two sets with apples, Charl emerged victorious at 3-4, 4-3 and 4-1 stretching the gap between himself and Kyle to 19 points. The season is almost over and the Assassin is only 3 matches away from victory, over to you Paul, Yulan and Kyle, what do you guys have to say about the runaway Charl? The Assassin once again earns the Sheriff’s Toast of the week but it is a completely different story for his travelling partner. Young Aden Joseph failed to collect any points over the weekend, in fact he hasn’t collected any points in the last 4 or so matches, he lost to both Vish and Sbu and he finds himself back in the red zone with only 3 matches to redeem himself and guess what; in those last 3 matches Aden has to play Yulan, Kyle and Charl in no particular order… do you get the picture?

Eastern Cape continued their dominance in the Second Division as well. Charl’s home boys didn’t disappoint over the weekend when they hosted exuberant Keenan and the seasoned Pieter Rademeyer. The Big guy even managed to get a bonus point against Uncle Piet on Saturday but Juandre had to fight for it as Keenan is not exactly an easy one. The hosts went to win their Sunday matches escalating them to position 1 and 2 on the log with Donovan in pole position and The Monster only 4 points behind him. Now it is only fair that we give all of Eastern Cape a bottle of Bell’s, that province is making serious waves in the league. Donnie, Juandre and Charl jointly are the Sheriff’s Toast of the week. Well done Eastern Cape.


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